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The Hoth SEO Marketing Review

Setting The Stage: What Is The Hoth?

The Hoth is a link building service focusing around building Web 2.0 properties that link back to your website.

For many years SEO’s have known that sites like Tumblr, Weebly and WordPress can be very helpful for ranking a website. This is mainly due to the trust that these sites have in the eyes of the search engines – notably in the form of a very healthy Domain Authority.

To give you an example I have a (genuine) Tumblr blog that has a domain authority (DA) of 98 and a page authority (PA) of 32. Links from sites with metrics like this can be very powerful for your search engine rankings.

You simply set up a new blog there, publish a few articles and then include links back to your “money site”. For even better results, use a “tiered link building” structure whereby you boost the value of those Web 2.0 blogs even further by linking to them using social bookmarking, Wiki submission and so on.

However over time it seems that those who have used this form of tiered link building are finding it less effective than it was a few years ago. Good-guy Matthew Woodward recently stated that his tiered link building campaigns are now very different and Pat Flynn also decided to avoid this strategy when building his latest case study site.

My review of The Hoth - the automated link building service that promises high rankings and SEO traffic with minimal effort - but does it work?

The Hoth Case Study: Methodology

For the purposes of my review of The Hoth I decided to carry out a simple experiment with one of my niche sites. Quite simply I built links using only The Hoth to two pages of a site that I own. The other pages were left alone as a “control”. The effectiveness of The Hoth should, in this case, be pretty clear when comparing the improvement in rankings between these two types of pages.

The Hoth offers several link building packages and to minimise my risk I opted for the lowest package – known as Hoth Mini. Here’s exactly what it entailed…

An article is written (and spun) and then posted to 3 top level blogs with 1 post each. Additionally they build 7 supporting Web 2.0 properties, 20+ social bookmarks, 100+ profile links and 50 private network posts. As you can see, that’s a lot of links being funneled to your site. And the end result, as they state, is “6ish” contextual links pointing to your chosen URLs.

Overall this seems like a pretty good mixture of link types and I like the way it’s so “hands off” – you simply choose your package then make a note of your required keywords and URLs. Being able to choose more than one keyword for each URL is another nice touch that helps to keep the links looking for natural and adding anchor text diversity to your link building campaign.

1. Get Comprehensive SEO Care

The first thing to keep in mind when considering how The Hoth can help you and your SEO efforts is the scope of its services. In fact, The Hoth self-advertises as providing “All the SEO You Need in 1 Place!”

This really is the case. The Hoth offers comprehensive SEO services, including local SEO, on-page optimization, guest-posting, keyword boosting, domain authority assistance, and more.

In fact, The Hoth’s product list can almost be overwhelming!

However, this bodes well for clients who are new to the world of SEO or desperate to see their optimization campaigns pay off. They can rest assured that they will find an option that works for them.

Other niche digital marketing agencies only offer a fraction of the services The Hoth provides its clients. As such, it’s possible to confidently give full SEO reins to The Hoth.

The more comprehensive and nuanced your SEO campaign is, the more likely it is to generate tangible results.

2. Invest in Effective Link-Building Services

SEO involves more than keyword selection and prime content. It also depends on a foundation of effective links, including inbound, outbound, and external links called “backlinks.”

High-quality backlinks leverage Google authority. The more backlinks your site has, the higher its potential ranking.

It is possible to build your own links, but this is time-intensive, costly, and sometimes simply difficult. This is where companies like the Hoth step in.

The Hoth provides tried-and-true link-building services to the right clients.

All of these services are backed by a data-driven strategy that follows a Viral Link Structure. This structure closely aligns with viral web content, enabling effective link identification and natural building.

Hoth link-building services are also long-term, enabling agencies and companies to acquire high volume “drip” links over periods of weeks and months.

The Hoth also emphasizes that its link-building is “contextual,” meaning that they help you acquire links entirely suited to your niche or industry. This is essential, as Google quickly weeds out any sites that have irrelevant backlinks.

the Hoth Review

What’s more, all clients need to do is submit their website URL and the keywords they wish to rank for-that’s it. This is ideal for business owners who need every second they can get to focus on other day-to-day operations.

With the right monetary investment, companies can acquire the link network they need to maintain high Google rankings.

3. Purchase Valuable Content

The Hoth also offers clients solutions to digital content needs, including white hat guest posts and video.

A powerful SEO campaign is content-driven. After all, Google’s suggestions for a Google-friendly site spend some time discussing the value of relevant content.

Valuable, rich content optimized for search engine use is more likely to rank highly, as it is a fairly good indicator of authority in Google’s eyes.

However, it can be tough coming up with high-performing content all the time. This is particularly the case if you are handling your SEO in-house and take care of your content marketing yourself.

The Hoth’s guest post service enables clients to purchase blogs optimized for carefully selected keywords, written in your industry niche, and linked to appropriate sites. Clients can choose blog length, topic, and more.

This company also recently launched its Hoth Video initiative, which turns your current blog posts into bite-size, conversational videos.

This is a fantastic means of jumping aboard the video marketing train. Video, after all, is one of the most engaging forms of content out there and can leverage high-ranking content even further.

4. Boost Local SEO

When it comes to the best local SEO company, The Hoth takes the prize. Local SEO means optimizing digital content for local searches, such as “bookstore in Portland” or “London-based digital marketing services.”

Local SEO can be incredibly valuable to businesses who depend on local audiences, particularly those who have a lot of fierce community competition.

An effective local SEO campaign depends on proper keyword selection. It also depends on citations gathered on platforms like Yelp or TripAdvisor.

The Hoth can help with local citation building by crafting robust profiles and non-templated campaigns. It can perform citation audits, too, of existing profiles. What’s more, all of its services are highly tailored-no generic local SEO marketing to be found here.

The Hoth’s local SEO services include a full citation audit, local directory citations, rich media citations, and social citations. If you aren’t convinced, you can start out with a free local SEO scan.

5. Test Your Current SEO

If you’ve already implemented SEO, The Hoth can give you a baseline of current performance and help you hone your strategy further. What’s more, you can do this for free.

Sign up for a free SEO strategy session, for example.

Or check out their extensive list of free SEO tools, including a backlink checker, rankings checker, Moz Domain Authority inspector, and keyword research tools.

If you are unsure about The Hoth’s SEO services, spending some time with their free tools that can help prime your palette.

Google SEO

The Hoth Review: What it Can Do For Your SEO

There are scores of online SEO companies out there waiting to help you transform your digital presence. However, The Hoth tops the charts in its ability to offer comprehensive and long-term SEO care.

The Hoth can benefit your current SEO efforts by offering effective link-building services designed to boost your domain authority and Google rankings. It also generates content primed for optimization and aids in local SEO campaign development.

What’s more, marketers are likely to find a package within their budget, as The Hoth offers nearly limitless purchase possibilities.

Top-Level Properties

Take a look at that image above: it illustrates how The Hoth uses a tiered link building strategy to get your sites ranking higher in the SERPs.

What The Hoth does is build several layers of links, starting with the first tier of mini-authority top-level properties built on sites like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. Depending on which package you choose, The Hoth will create anywhere from 3-8 unique high-level properties. 

They create these Tier 1 properties and articles so that they are relevant to your niche.​

For the package that I ordered last month, I did The Hoth Platinum package with Filipino content, which got me 8 different top-level properties (WordPress, Tumblr, etc), including three unique articles on each site.

On each of these sites , for each article, there is a link pointing back to my money site.

That’s the first tier of their link-building process.

Supporting Properties 

The next step in the process involves The Hoth creating various Web 2.0 properties, social bookmarking links, and profile links that the link back to those top-level blogging properties (not your money site). 

The point of all these supporting links is to make it seem like our top-level properties have gone “viral”. You’ll see in the screen shot above that my order included 35-75 Web 2.0s, 100-200 social bookmarks, and 500+ profile links.​

The idea is to create multiple layers of link juice funneled through the top-level properties, which are linking to your niche site.

But the process doesn’t stop there.

No, over the course of three weeks after your top-level properties have been completed, The Hoth will slow-drip each of your articles to their own private network of high PR sites, creating a nice, steady link velocity.​

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a quick video from The Hoth, explaining the process.

Getting Started with The Hoth

When you first hop on over to The Hoth, you’ll be greeted by a simple sign-up page (and the same video I just posted above).

Then you’ll be taken to the Welcome screen, where you can browse around their different offerings.

As I mentioned above, for the purposes of this review, I’m going to be focusing on the first option here, “The Hoth” package.

(The second option they offer is a Local SEO service, which doesn’t apply to our niche sites. Their third option, Hoth Blitz,​ is something you may want to also look into: they basically offer homepage blogroll type links on various PA30+ sites, and the links are permanent).

When you click on the “HOTH Tour” button above, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, you’re shown all the various packages that you can purchase.

As you can see, there are a lot of different options, and one for everyone’s budget.

What kind of package do I usually order? The Hoth Platinum package with standard Filipino content, for $250.​

This gives me 8 top-level properties/blogs with unique written content on Tier 1, plus a load of Web 2.0s, social bookmarks, and profile links on Tier 2 that blast those top-level properties. My articles are then slow-dripped out over the course of three weeks to The Hoth’s private network.

A quick word on the Filipino content, which is used for your Tier 1 properties. I find the Filipino content sufficient for my needs. No, these articles aren’t going to win you any writing awards, but the content is unique and readable, so it’s fine for me.

You can get American content written for each package, but it will cost you a lot more.​

As I said though, what’s nice about The Hoth’s pricing structure, is that there’s a package for everyone. If you just want to test the waters with a basic package, you can have one for only $60.

Placing Your Order

Once you’ve done enough browsing around, it’s time to place your order.

You navigate back, and hit the “Place Order” button.

You’re then taken the the New Order form.

Here is where you can enter all of your details.

You select your package type, the URL(s) for your money site, the keywords that you want to use (I prefer using brand name and naked URLs for keywords), and the “subject” and “category” of what your niche site is generally about.

You also have the option to include  “co-citations”, which I recommend. This means that for all the articles/posts on your Tier 1 properties, in addition to linking out to your money site, The Hoth will also include links to other authoritative sites, such as Wikipedia, making your articles appear more natural.

Once you’ve completed your order, you’ll be taken to the “thank you” page, confirming your links.

Then, when you’re logged into your Dashboard, you’ll be able to keep track of the status of your order.

For my most recent order, which you can see was placed on May 29, I received the finished job on June 19th. So that should give you an idea in terms of turnaround. 

Customer Support

Just a quick note here: customer support with The Hoth really is excellent.

Before I ordered my first package, I had some questions, so I e-mailed support. And they got back to me right away.

Greg Webb from their team, in particular, is fantastic with support and responding to any questions you may have.

So if you’re afraid you’re going to place an order with them and never get any answers to your questions afterward, don’t be.​

My Results with The Hoth

As I’ve noted a couple of times, here and elsewhere, I like to use The Hoth to build out an initial set of backlinks on newer sites.

You can certainly use them on older sites as well, but the process I generally like to follow is: pick a niche, build a site with content, use a links package from The Hoth for my first set of links, wait a little while to get initial rankings, then slowly build out some PBN links.

My first experience with The Hoth actually dates back to more than a year ago, with Niche Site 3, as you can see above (I would have used The Hoth on my other niche sites as well, but I hadn’t heard of the service yet).

I ordered this package (Hoth Platinum) within one month of my site being published, to give you an idea of timeline. 

Now, this was back when I was still a bit of a niche site novice, so I didn’t have any subscription to services like SerpBook to track my rankings over time (back then I would manually check my rankings by typing my keywords into Google!), so I can’t give you the full picture here.

But as anyone who has read one of my income reports already knows, this niche site is currently ranking #4 in the SERPs for its main keyword, and has been ranking in the top 10 for several months now.

Now, is that all due to The Hoth package that I bought last year? Of course not. This site has also received about 15 PBN links or so.​

The Hoth will not get you onto Page 1 by itself, but it will certainly set you down the right path initially.​

And for those of you wondering, no: NS3 has never been hit with a Google penalty.

Using The Hoth with My New Niche Site

I order up a new Hoth Platinum package, which is what you’ve been seeing with some of the screenshots in this post already.​

Again, I placed my order on May 29th, and received my completed report on June 19th. And then over the three weeks after that, The Hoth will slow-drip my articles through their private network.

My plan is to simply wait and let those links do their thing.

Patience is the name of the game these days when you’re building out a new niche site. The Google sandbox can be brutal​, so you just have to focus on adding great content, building out a nice set of initial links, and then waiting.

My new niche site was only registered in mid-May. One month later, I’ve now got my Hoth links pointed at it. So my timeline is to probably wait about two more months, see how I’m doing in the SERPs, and then probably add a few initial PBN links to the site.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what kind of timeline I use when I’m building out a new site.

Of course, I plan on coming back after a few months to update this review with the results of my Hoth package with this new niche site.​


The Hoth

Summary: The Hoth is my go-to link-building service for new niche sites. They create a nice, powerful layer of tiered links that will get your niche site off on the right foot to get in ranking in the SERPs.​

Should you try a HOTH SEO package?

SEO is never easy and accumulating backlinks for your website is now tougher than ever with Google algorithm updates. That is why I love Hoth SEO!

Since 2012, I have used THE HOTH for all my website backlinking and have loved every minute of it! Unlike the sketchy SEO guys you find on Upwork in foreign countries, The Hoth SEO team is located in Chicago and is super friendly and helpful when it comes to anything SEO.

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